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Answers to the Sample Final Exam

posted Apr 30, 2016, 1:47 PM by Lynn Gordon
The answers to the sample final exam are now posted here and linked on the Course Materials page.  It is protected with the Class Dropbox password.

Question:  How do we answer the question about the order of morphemes (question 8(b))?
Answer: After you’ve identified the morphemes, pick out the words with the most morphemes—then pull them apart and state the order in which they occur.  So from the Turkish data, 

ellerinize  ‘to your (pl) hands’ = el-ler-in-iz-e   ‘hand’ Noun Root - Plural - 2nd Person Possessor - Plural Possessor - ‘to’ Case Marker
evlerimiz  ‘our houses’ = ev-ler-im-iz                 ‘house’ Noun Root - Plural -1st Person Possessor - Plural Possessor - no Case Marker

Check some  shorter words:

ev-im-iz   ‘our house’ = ‘house’ Noun Root - 1st Person Possessor - Plural Possessor

el-ler  ‘hands’

el-ler-im  ‘my hands’

Now you can see, when a word contains all the overt morphemes it can, they come in the order

                    Noun Root - Plural -  Person of Possessor - Plural Possessor -  Case Marker

Only the noun root must occur to make a noun, so

                    Noun Root (- Plural) (- Person of Possessor) (- Plural Possessor) (-  Case Marker)